Meeting Room Guidelines

The meeting room at the Madison County Library is situated upstairs in the front section of the building. A quiet sanctuary, the room has been used for tutoring, quiet study, meetings, and testing. The room accommodates 10 people comfortably, with room for an additional 6 persons if needed. The room is equipped with a television and DVD player, power outlets, and WiFi access.

  • The room is available during the hours that the Library is open for business, by appointment only. The Meeting Room is available free of charge to residents of Madison County. Donations are gratefully accepted to help with the cost of maintaining the room. To reserve the room, please call the Library at 540-948-4720.
  • An adult must reserve the room. If the room is to be used by individuals under the age of eighteen (18), the group must be supervised by an adult who remains in the room during its use. The meeting room may not be used for activities which might disturb regular library functions.
  • The Library reserves the right to stop meetings that are disruptive to normal Library operations. 
  • Meetings must be open to the public and free of charge. The Library Director or designee must review and approve all advertisements and promotional materials used to publicize the meeting.
  • Published promotional materials for events should include: The Madison County Library neither sponsors nor endorses this event, the speaker(s), or the organization.
  • Groups may not use the Library’s address or telephone number for registration purposes and the Library will not act as a receiving agent, or post office for groups.
  • Groups may bring in coffee and prepared snacks such as cookies, cake, or fruit for break time, or they may bring in box lunches; however, catered functions are not permitted.
  • The room is generally available for set-up one half hour prior to the meeting’s start time.
  • Groups are responsible for changing the room’s arrangement to meet their needs, and returning it to the original set up.
  • All meetings must end at least 15 minutes before the Library closes. The room must be returned to its original set-up with all debris cleaned up, and all attendees out of the meeting room and the Library before closing time.
  • Infringement of any Meeting Room regulations or Library rules shall be grounds for denial of any future use of Library meeting space.