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November 2016 Library Board Minutes


Madison County Library Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday November 16, 2016

Board Members present: President: Steve Wagner, Vice-President Steven Johnson,

Secretary Bonita Burr, Chris Jacoby, Diane Heckel, Heidi Sage, Janine Jensen, Margaret Clifton, Jill Quinley, Gary Jones, Treasurer, Bonnie Utz, Library Director.

The minutes of the September 14 meeting were approved. From now on the minutes will be posted on our web-site.

Treasurer’s Report, Gary Jones

Budget/expenditure numbers are in good shape now; no new expenses are anticipated at this time.

Library Director’s Report – Bonnie Utz

The State Bibliostat Report will be completed very soon. We have been asked to document in-kind contributions i.e. mowing services from the County.

Story time is underway with good attendance.

Bonnie is participating in preparing a County Schools 5-year plan for literacy, it is a good thing to have the Library involved.

Grounds and Maintenance update

We need to put up the Christmas Tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, we have new lights.

Charlotte Scott will help trim the bushes when possible.

F.O.L. – Heidi Sage

There will be a $5.00 per bag FOL used book room sale during the month of December.

Website update – it still needs work, lack of content. Bonnie needs time and help. Steve Wagner asked her to get back in touch with Christina Wagner to see if she can help.

Fund raising report – Susanna Spencer

Working towards adopting the Access data base which will provide better track of donors.

Board members are writing thankyou letters to businesses for Auction items. Chris Jacoby has written a Letter to the Editor thanking donors. Janine Jensen agreed to design and take out a

¼ page newspaper add with a list of business donors. Bonnie Utz will send letters/tax receipts to donors to the annual fundraiser. Janine Jensen was concerned that we were missing some names and that they wouldn’t be thanked.

Endowment Application

Bonita Burr is doing the paperwork for the Vanguard application. The application requires 3 board members to be named on the application and to form the Endowment Advisory Committee.

Susanna Spencer, Diane Heckel and Bonita Burr were nominated, Peg Clifton moved to accept these names, Steven Johnson seconded, all in favor. In addition, the Endowment fund will

need a non-board member of the community with financial expertise. Jim Nelson was approached by Steve Wagner and has agreed to participate. Board members unanimously agreed with this selection. A By-Laws Committee was also formed by Peg Clifton and Steven Johnson with Diane Heckel available as Library historian. The By-laws committee was asked to put high priority on the Section dealing with the Endowment Fund since we need this information to accompany the application.

Letter from Administrator/ Board of Supervisors requiring 2 voting BOS members on the Library Board.

Many Board Members had already provided research, input and suggestions via e-mail and the discussion ensued based on a number of factual observations:

The Library is an independent Corporation; we elect our own members. We are not contracted by the County to run a Library. The County has no obligation to fund us in order to access state grant dollars. We need to show that we can receive funds from a consistent source, not necessarily the County. Members of the Board of Supervisors cannot be on our board because it would be a conflict of interest while they are giving us money.

The Board agreed to write a simple, factual letter to the BOS citing the law that does not allow the BOS to be on our board. The letter will reiterate our invitation to attend our Board Meetings and agree that we need to improve communications between both entities. Our Lawyer will review the letter and the Code citations and will be copied on the letter.

It was discussed that our activity on this topic must be kept professional and that we will not go public in any way.

All Board members agreed that this was the best way to proceed. Steve Wagner, Janine Jensen, Peg Clifton and Susanna Spencer will all provide input/review the letter.

Reserve Fund

The Library should have 3 types of funds, Reserve, Capital and Endowment. The current Maintenance Fund Money Market can be changed to the Reserve Fund. The By-Laws committee will also address the Reserve fund; the Board will vote at the next meeting.

Three current Board Member terms will end on December 31, 2016. They will need to be reconfirmed or replaced in January. We still have one opening on the Board

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30. The next meeting will be held January 18, 2017.

Bonita Burr, Secretary


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